welcome, welcome, welcome!

hi i’m nancy

i’m an artist, writer, dreamer, teacher, reader, magic-maker, and connector of things –ideas, passions, dreams, reality, people, and dots…lots and lots of dots – i love connecting the dots!

you joined me at the perfect time…the time for a reboot – a creative reboot!  originally,  this site was meant to be a place just to showcase my art.  i love creating art, and i love sharing it, but here’s the catch … my art is only one of the dots!

so, i recreated nancyboiart to connect my art with all these dots, all these ideas, passions, dreams, reality … and you … mostly you…the best connection of them all!

please, take a few moments, enjoy your time here… and let me know what you think.

let’s make a connection!

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