risk or reward?

That constraining, constricting, impossibly restricted feeling has taken hold.

There is no focus,
no rhythm,
everything is a chore.

All those wonderful things you could do with such ease yesterday are impossibly scattered today.

You desire, require escape,
to move on,
to do something…anything…else.

The warmth of connection you once felt has been replaced by a cool distance.

Where do you belong?
Fit in?
Find community again?

These are the tell-tale signs of transformation. These are the moments when you realize you no longer fit inside your old skin.  You have outgrown those things that used to be comfortable, those things you used to settle into with ease.

We are so often presented with the impression that transformation is a glorious process filled with delight and discovery.  And yes, in the end, it transports us to a superb new reality that fits us in glorious new ways.

But there is the push,
the crack
the breaking through.

And this is the moment when Snake can be our most powerful ally.  Snake is a guide for profound transformation and sacred knowledge.

Snake will shed its skin,
assimilate new information,
be reborn with greater understanding.

Snake basks in the glorious clarity of the Sun and its hiss possesses the whispering lessons of the mystics.  Snake knows that true transformation is not a risk, it is our reward for learning the lessons we needed to learn and for having the courage to stop stepping sideways and to start stepping forward.  Snake helps us choose our path with integrity, grace, and a creative expression that is true to Self.



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