about the artist

hi!  i’m nancy gardiner.  as an artist i’m self-taught, my formal education was not in fine art.  in fact, it was in anthropology and liberal studies with a specialization in archaeology and nature-based spirituality.

but…i believe that nothing exists in a vacuum.  it’s all about connecting the dots – about our connection with the each other and the world around us.  to that end, i am far from being self-taught – in art or anything else, really.  i am a student of life, every person i meet, every experience i soak in is my teacher.

i have been so very blessed to be surrounded by friends, family, teachers, and mentors who are equally inspired to play with ideas.  it seems that every aspect of my life has been characterized by a delight in discovery!  art is no exception – it has been, and continues to be, an exploration of ideas, of expression, of passion.

exploring mediums as varied as writing, raku, quilting, weaving, ink, and paint, my passion for expression is rooted in a metaphysical conversation of spiritual exploration.  the serendipitous combination of my background in anthropology and my interest in nature-based spirituality has metamorphosed this expression into the art i create today.

i am so pleased to share it with you!

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