risk or reward?

That constraining, constricting, impossibly restricted feeling has taken hold.

There is no focus,
no rhythm,
everything is a chore.

All those wonderful things you could do with such ease yesterday are impossibly scattered today.

You desire, require escape,
to move on,
to do something…anything…else.

The warmth of connection you once felt has been replaced by a cool distance.

Where do you belong?
Fit in?
Find community again?

These are the tell-tale signs of transformation. These are the moments when you realize you no longer fit inside your old skin.  You have outgrown those things that used to be comfortable, those things you used to settle into with ease.

We are so often presented with the impression that transformation is a glorious process filled with delight and discovery.  And yes, in the end, it transports us to a superb new reality that fits us in glorious new ways.

But there is the push,
the crack
the breaking through.

And this is the moment when Snake can be our most powerful ally.  Snake is a guide for profound transformation and sacred knowledge.

Snake will shed its skin,
assimilate new information,
be reborn with greater understanding.

Snake basks in the glorious clarity of the Sun and its hiss possesses the whispering lessons of the mystics.  Snake knows that true transformation is not a risk, it is our reward for learning the lessons we needed to learn and for having the courage to stop stepping sideways and to start stepping forward.  Snake helps us choose our path with integrity, grace, and a creative expression that is true to Self.



focus – the art of gathering to center

we reach out in all directions, gathering information.  we collect ideas, concepts, strategies.  information rolls around in a scattered assortment of abstract thoughts. we have moments of utter clarity that fade into vague recollections.  then we focus.  we bring all that we have gathered into center.

when we bring things to center it allows us to direct our focus in a flexible manner.  it becomes fluid, and accessible.  we can manipulate ideas and consider alternatives. from this perspective we can watch the changing tides of attitude around us and shift our focus to the deeper issue.

from center, our focus becomes cloaked in stillness rather than rigidity.

that is a huge shift away from the struggle to ‘stay focused’ and toward the awareness of ‘being focused’.  it is a shift that allows us to settle into our focus and move through problem solving with a sense of grace.  it allows us the flexibility to meander through all that we have gathered and bring the relevant fragments together.

octopus reminds us to focus in this way.

as one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, octopus is capable of complex behaviour and is flexible, not only in body, but in mind and approach as well.  this allows octopus to solve problems and use tools. octopus moves with fluidity and grace; its movements echo the ebb and flow of ocean currents.  all of this makes octopus a wonderful symbol for our innate intuition and creative abilities.  it reminds us to look at situations from many perspectives and to trust our instincts.

octopus is adept at camouflage, almost instantaneously able to match colours, patterns and even textures of its surroundings, making it able to merge with its surroundings effortlessly while simultaneously reaching out to explore and understand its ever-changing environment.

these attributes reminds us to draw on all of our skill to navigate our truest course through difficult times.  octopus reminds us to reach out in all directions, then focus,  gathering all we know to center.


one hummingbird at a time

planet.  what does that word bring up for you?

do you see visions of gloriously vast green forests, deep, mysterious blue oceans, and glistening white polar ice caps?  do you see the music, the art, the culture of diverse peoples around the globe?  or do you see earthquakes, hurricanes, and rising sea levels.  do you see fear, intolerance, and war?

planet earth is all of these things and so much more.  we are the collection of our combined memories, history, and evolution.  every being on the planet right now has an equal share in the evolution that brought us together at this time and place.  wow!  isn’t that just the most amazing concept?  it feels so huge to think in those terms doesn’t it – to think about how every bird, every bee, every horse, every fish, every tree, every flower, every person has a history of ancestors that came before it…that informs the place it shares with us, with you, with me, right now, in this very moment in the history of this planet.

what will it take for us as humans to come to terms with the fact that we are no longer locked into an “us versus them” survival strategy?  the planet is at the point where it will be all of us, or none of us.  all the birds, bees, horses, fish, trees, flowers, and peoples – all the plants and animals – or none of us.

thinking about that feels strangely comforting, but also daunting. it makes me wonder what i can possibly do to help move this planet forward in a healthy way.  i suddenly feel very small – very fragile.

hummingbird 2i look to one of the smallest animal spirit guides for … well, for guidance.

hummingbird reminds us to carry the strength of our ancestors and our personal history into our ever changing lives with resilience and a fearless commitment to truth.  to daringly reside in our personal power.

as one of the smallest, most agile bird guides, hummingbird reminds us that strength is not measured by size; rather it is measured by will.

hummingbird’s ability to hover and to fly backwards reminds us to stop and reflect on the past. to honour all that is our personal history – what we have accomplished and what we have escaped, what we survived and when we thrived.  hummingbird helps us to bring the whole of our experience into acceptance, to celebrate every moment that has brought us to this moment (yes, even difficult moments – celebrate them because we have learned so much from them).

hummingbird hovers in this moment, flies backwards into the past, returns to this moment, and then flies forward in its full power.  hummingbird resides in all she has been, in all he is, and all they will become.

some of these moments may be arduous, may have challenges, and may even shatter us right to the very core.  these are the moments when our resolve is tested, and these are the moments when hummingbird brings strength.

some of these moments may be glorious, may be victorious, and may even deliriously inspire us to the very core.  these are the moments when our vision is clear, and these are the moments when hummingbird brings relief.

whether arduous or glorious, hummingbird reminds us to honour all that we experience and to acknowledge all the gifts we bring to that experience.

this is hummingbirds wisdom for the planet – that we must reconcile our past with our future and we must do it now, as we hover in this moment.

our fragility is our strength.

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