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private transformational tarot session

$85 per 90 minute session

tarot is a powerful tool for overcoming our blocks and empowering us to live our best life.  in these private transformational tarot sessions, expect to go deep!

as we work through your query, the cards provide a focus and their energies guide us through questions, giving advice and strategies to move forward with integrity and confidence. because of the nature of these session, it requires a longer session than is normally booked for a tarot reading. each 90 minute session is a conversation with the cards, allowing us to navigate challenges and issues as they arise.

through this coaching style we work together going deep into the issue at hand in order to find resolution. this is a no-nonsense approach; the cards are honest and don’t hide difficult messages. yet there is also a gentleness inherent in this style.

a transformational tarot reading is about empowering you!

as my client, you will leave the session with renewed clarity as well as tangible strategies that you can begin to implement immediately to work toward your goal or begin to resolve your situation.

each 90 minute session is $85.  sessions may be conducted in person or over the phone

please use the form below to request a private transformational tarot session.

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